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Sanel Solutions Inc.is an Internet consulting and web development company, providing e-commerce solutions and Search Engine Optimization services. While based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sanel Solutions pride itself for working with a large variety of companies and operations throughout the world, mostly focusing on the North American and European markets. For many years, the internet professionals in Sanel Solutions designed, constructed and developed intelligent internet and complex programming solutions, helping companies meet all of their internet target and rise above the competition.

Sanel Solutions Inc.has extensive experience in creating completely customized Website Design and development solution that puts to use the most advanced and up-to-date technologies. State of the art websites and applications are developed by our experienced professionals, specifically tailored to your needs, style and industry standards. All of our websites are unique, designed from scratch using no templates, and always tailored to meet and satisfy the client's needs.

Our team has been developing custom web applications since 2002, following a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time. We focus on food business solutions that fulfill your business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. We provide business process analysis and system design, technical expertise, implementation, as well as training and support services.

Sanel Solutions Inc. offers a highly personalized & professional web design services both in Canada and around the world. Our team's overall experience includes over 60 complete website designs & development and over 150 web-graphics designs. Our team includes professionals qualified in web design & development, with proven results in both fields, including web development, e-commerce, search engines optimization and internet marketing solutions. Thank you for your interest in Sanel Solutions, may this day be a beginning of a mutually benefiting relationship for many years to come.